Hi, I'm Louis 👋

I help online companies scale their sales through social media ads.

What do you do?

I'm a founder with a passion for internet marketing.In 2020, my Mar-Tech startup got planned, built, and sold, all in the same year.Now, I build battle-tested growth engines for online businesses that have been responsible for acquiring +147,240 users (and counting!) through digital marketing.

Why should I care?

Through my work and consulting I've helped companies unlock over +$11,000,000 in extra profits, using online ads - that's my bread and butter.However, I've also scaled online sales through organic social media content, cold emails and much more - I'm a complete marketer at heart and I got the receipts to prove it.Here are some of my most proud tangible wins:1️⃣ Reaching the top of a major subreddit with a business URL to acquire +9k users for $0 (Proof)2️⃣ Creating social media posts with embedded viral loops in them that allowed us to get over +8,970 profitable users for $0 in total (Screenshot)3️⃣ Setting up scalable e-mail outreach campaigns that booked calls with high-value prospects (contracts valued at over >$2k) on auto-pilot - at a rate of 50-60 booked calls p/week.4️⃣ And much, much more. Just ask me.

How can I reach you?

For the time being, I'm only taking on select clients.If you have a company that relies on online sales with >50% margins and more than $1MM per year in sales, then we have a (preliminary) fit.For contact purposes, my email is: louis [at] louisvieira.com